The Signing Cooking Show

The Signing Cookery show project

Here at Onions and Blossoms we have realised the need for an age appropriate show for adults who use Makaton. There are very few shows which use Makaton in the first place and are mainly aimed at children such as ‘Something Special’ starring ‘Mr Tumble’ who is a great advocate for the Makaton user and thousands of people enjoy the show. However, there aren’t many age appropriate TV shows for adults.

So this is our contribution: The Cooking Signing Show project a cookery show which caters for all ages and abilities going from very simple recipes to the more complex recipe for the advanced cooker.

We have created a show aimed at the Makaton users to still have access to those cookery shows that everybody loves except now; they are catered to the Makaton user too in order to help aid their understanding on how to make something delicious.

This is to not only teach them how to cook but it will also be teaching the signs for the desired ingredients and utensils and tools needed.

We are donating 10% of our income with regards to this project to The Makaton Charity!

What is Makaton?

Makaton is a language programme which uses signs, symbols and speech in spoken word order to support people to communicate and be understood. It is often used with babies, children and adults who have unclear speech, a learning disability, selective mutes, those who have suffered a stroke and dementia sufferers. It is often used a tool to access language but we want to use it to aid the understanding of healthy eating and good cookery skills.

Join us to support this great cause.


With your help we can go that extra mile