Fernanda Garcia Miranda Onions

Through our recipes, Onions & Blossoms is more than a for-profit organisation. We sell and distribute our products and services while simultaneously funding social change. We are a business entity, that explicitly and practically sets out to not just make money, but also to achieve positive impact in people’s lives across society.

I am a food lover and a social entrepreneur in love with food from all over the world. I am someone who cares about her family, friends, and society as a whole. The concept of Onions & Blossoms was born of the growing realisation of global political and environmental upheaval and unrest. I wanted to make a difference, with food at its core. I resolved to use my skills and passions to initiate social change. I am hugely passionate about providing life-changing. I also love cooking.

The combination of these desires led me to my answer: why not to set up a social enterprise whilst cooking a delicious meal with friends? The fruits of this labour can then be used to transform people, who are the most important ingredient of our society. In less than four months, we’ve got this far. However, to truly see the transformation in the lives of these people, we rely on support from you.

Your engagement and enthusiasm will provide the sustenance necessary to cultivate this idea, and instigate hugely, and desperately needed changes in the lives of these people: changes that will alter their future; changes that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for your support.

Fernanda Garcia Miranda Onions